A Palestinian band that espouses love not war Tel Aviv Israel Culture news

[ad_1] Band members of 47Soul exemplify the contemporary Palestinian Diaspora and sing songs of protest and universal peace - and without any explicit mention of Israel [ad_2] Source link

Gandhi’s grandson has a message for Israel Tel Aviv Israel Culture news

[ad_1] Dr. Arun Gandhi, who is visiting the Jewish state for the first time as part of a promotional book tour, believes Israelis must free themselves from the chains of the Holocaust and seek peace with the Palestinians [ad_2] Source link

Roger Waters urges artists to boycott Eurovision in Israel Tel Aviv Israel Culture news

[ad_1] Former Pink Floyd frontman, who frequently asks artists to boycott the Jewish State on behalf of the BDS movement, pens open letter to the 41 finalists of 2019 Song Contest set to be held in Tel Aviv in May [ad_2] Source link